Seven reasons why you are always one step ahead of the others with KorFin:

  1. Manage large amounts of data in real time with support of BIM (Building Information Modeling).
  2. Fast visual aides for your project decisions.
  3. Robust analysis of variants, starting in the early stages of your project and with minimal data.
  4. Suited to road, rail, powerline, geology - and always open to new fields of utilization.
  5. Cutting-edge technologies combined with the traditional experiences of German engineers.
  6. Professional teams around the world assure sustainability in development, distribution and education.
  7. Successful reference projects around the world.

Make the most of our trove of experience! We’re open to new ideas and are happy to accommodate the needs and desires of our customers!


KorFin workshop in Dresden

A workshop on KorFin for powerlines was held in Dresden on the fifth of August, 2015. The participants in the workshop were the transmission grid operators 50 Hertz, TransnetBW and TenneT.

KorFin Rail and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

A+S presents KorFin for the Geomatics Symposium 2014 in Switzerland.

KorFin in action for Slovenia

The engineering company Vössing and A+S are working on a 40 km main stretch, with eight tunnels and two bridges as a planned reconstruction and expansion.

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